How to Clean the Lace on a Lace Front Wig – Tutorial

 So after a few wears, the lace in your lace front wig has quite a bit of gunk building up in it. Whether that be some sweat, foundation, blush ect. it’s time to clean it out.

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Hello everyone!

I’ve started this blog as a place that focuses purely on my costume work. I plan to post not only the finished costumes but progress shots and tutorials I make along the way.

To start, there will most likely be a backlog of everything I’ve already created up to this point so please bare with me. Not all of it is up to the quality I produce today but I would not of gotten to this point without those beginning costumes as a foundation.

There will also be some cross posting of content because I like to try and get information out there on as many platforms as possible so some of the information on this blog may also be on, but not limited to, my Facebook page, Cospix account, Instagram ect.

Hopefully you find some of my work as a resource or just appreciate what I do. Whatever the case, I hope you like it and thanks for visiting!